Welcome to TJ Marketing Agency!

Nowadays leading brands and market leaders of Tajikistan work only with us. The wealth of experience and a wide range of opportunities allow us to provide our clients with services of high quality at affordable prices and within an optimum time frame.

Interests of our clients are very important to us!

The range of services of our company includes the following blocks:

  • services in the spheres of business analysis;
  • services of digital marketing and advertising activities on the Internet;
  • promotion of a company on TV and radio, creation of audio and video spots;
  • printing services (printing of books, magazines, brochures, flyers and booklets, growth figures);
  • IT-technologies – development and creation of websites, applications for PCs and mobile devices and their support with subsequent maintenance;
  • organization of exhibitions.

Among our permanent major clients we may note the following: Charm LLC, International Clinic Ibn Sina, the Shumon Hotel, furniture salon Akram, insurance company Asri 21, health center Saturn, International Bank of Tajikistan, health center Shambari, Diagnostic centre "Nurafzo", LLC "Ohangudozii Tojikiston", Air Service Agency the Friends café.  And this list is not complete. Small and medium business representatives, individual entrepreneurs and private individuals work with us.

In order to meet the challenges and organize a complex approach we cooperate with local and foreign companies that are the leaders in the sphere of informational technologies having a long-term experience.

In the process of cooperation our experienced specialists will assist you: they are analysts, statisticians, marketing specialists, SMM-specialists, software engineers, designers, financial experts, accountants, lawyers, speakers, linguists, translators/interpreters. They resolve tasks responsibly, qualitatively, within the specified time-limit and at affordable prices!

Our team

Director – Azami Davlat. He has a higher education in Economics and has more than 15 years of experience working as head of marketing and advertising departments as well as of analytics and planning departments both in industrial enterprises and financial and insurance companies of Tajikistan. Anvar also helps to successfully address the issues of the development of business activities of enterprises and institutions.

Basic knowledge of accounting, taxation system, modern computer technologies - from statistical programs to text, audio, video, photos editors, as well as fluency in Tajik, English, Turkish, Russian and Uzbek languages contribute to the high quality of comprehensive management of the company’s work and customers’ orders. He made working visits to all cities and regions of Tajikistan, and also has deepened his knowledge in the field of audit abroad, which gives him the right to adequately deal with problems, taking into account both local nuances and global progress.

Marketing Manager - Doniyor. He is an expert in the field of marketing, advertising, holding exhibitions - celebrations, and has more than 20 years of experience in various areas of the economy, including in printing, tourism, restaurant business, research and information activities of airlines, hotel business and in many other areas where he worked both in decision-making positions and as a consultant in Tajikistan, Thailand and Russia.

He has a higher education in economy, speaks Russian, English,  and Tajik languages on a professional level, and his voice perfectly suits for performance at various activities.

Photo and text computer editors always help him in drawing up presentations; he skillfully implements marketing (advertising) issues on TV, radio, Digital Marketing, SMM and so on.

Software developer - Firuz. He is the key employee of our company who ‘invests’ his knowledge in the development of computer technologies of Tajikistan, European countries. His knowledge has allowed to create the website and programs for the Parliament of Tajikistan, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, Yandex.ru and foreign companies.

He knows dozens of cutting-edge innovations in creating programs for computers, smartphones, the web and in managing their database, including such coding languages as Java, PHP, C #, SQL, Python, C ++, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, AngularJS 7, Oracle and many more. He is fluent in Tajik, Uzbek, Russian and English and is willing to address programming issues of any complexity.

Designer – Orzu. He is a unique and creative expert in the areas of graphic design and video editing. He is best designer and he practiced and deepened his knowledge both in the ministries of the Republic of Tajikistan and in commercial enterprises of the country. He provided his professional services to at least 150 companies of Tajikistan, Russia and other countries. Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Davinci Resolve are the working tools this specialist uses in operation.

Videographer and photographer - Farhod. He is our employee with a higher education in directing. He takes fabulous shots on Sony camcorders and Canon cameras and then edits them in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Vegas Pro, and Adobe Photoshop. He has more than 6 years of working experience. His works are used in TV programs, in advertisements on the Internet, in presentation material, etc.

Specialist – Muhammadjon. He is one of our young specialists, he works as a ‘one man army’ and is ready to delve into any issue and politely listen to the whims of our customers in order to meet the goals on time and according to the contract.

He has a university degree in Mathematics. Knowledge of Tajik, English and Russian languages gives him great opportunities in communicating with clients and studying the technical tasks described on paper. During the 5 years spent working he proved to be a ‘one man army’ able to implement comprehensive services for the development of our customers' business.

Editor, translator - Alina. An employee of our company with a higher legal education. Knowledge of English and Russian languages ​​allows her to write texts for our clients and edit them in Russian and English, translate.

She provided her professional services to at least 50 companies and individual entrepreneurs in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. The main activity is text filling with content of various sites, seo-promotion, LSI-copywriting, writing posts for social networks VK, Instagram.

Other employees - to fulfill the orders we also involve temporary specialists who help us in solving various types of tasks, including on the issue of collecting data, organizing surveys and events, on legal and accounting issues. We also attract technical staff for installing and disassembling electrical equipment and other employees, who we choose on a competitive basis or on the recommendation of trustees.


Dushanbe city, Rudaki avenue, 83.