Digital marketing – Contextual advertising in Dushanbe / Tajikistan

Digital marketing (Contextual advertising – advertising on the Internet) is the state-of-the-art and the most efficient type of advertising activity in the world that allows monitoring, evaluating and regulating advertising activity in real time. This type of advertising is performed with the help of the Internet and various digital resources by means of websites and mobile applications.

We are the first and the only company in Dushanbe that deals with advertising on the Internet. Our staff members have many years of experience in marketing sphere and in the creation of promotional activities. They professionally configure digital advertising material on the Internet considering dozens of targeting types using different criteria: geographical, age, time, price, phrasal, etc..

It is worth noting that conversion (cost recovery) of advertising on the Internet is markedly higher than of other types of advertising, which are active in society and on the market. On this premise, we recommend to our clients to use this particular type of advertising as it is much cheaper and more effective.

Nowadays the audience of internet users in Tajikistan is about 1 million people, among them there are about 50 % of foreigners including the Russian Federation. About 60-70% of this audience is internet users who use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Mean price for 1 targeted client (1 click) among Tajik internet audience is 5-10 cents and this is 2-3 times cheaper than in other advertising types.

Digital marketing (Contextual advertising) will allow displaying ads only to those you consider necessary and clearly configure advertising projects without waste of promotional budget. Among the most popular platforms for advertising on the Internet there are,, search engines,,  My Target, Top websites of Tajikistan, Imo, Viber, SHAREit, etc.

The period of digital marketing configuration is from 3 to 7 days.

The price for platforms configuration starts from 500 somoni with a budget of 1000 somoni per month for one product. This price also includes marketing analysis of a product, keywords, negative keywords and report generation.

Our VIP clients are provided with individual settings of digital marketing that require continuous monitoring of running promotional activities on the Internet.



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