Development of designs and brand books

In the modern world, in order to run a successful business, companies have to go to various tricks and, most importantly, they should not forget about the latest trends that help to improve the company’s performance and raise its level of competitiveness. Our agency provides a full range of services to help you to promote your own brand or business. In Dushanbe our agency provides the services for development and production of a brand book. The overall brand concept is an important element that helps the company to develop its business both inside and outside the company, increasing its level of recognition. Our specialists have sufficient practical experience in the creation of similar official documentation, and they are able not only to bring your wildest ideas to life, but also suggest what to do and the way to do it better in order to obtain the highest quality result.

A professionally created brand book includes a few basic points that we pay close attention to:

  • Company concept.
  • Target audience.
  • The values ​​and standpoint chosen by the company.
  • A detailed description of the individual and recognizable corporate identity that can be traced in every graphic element used for design.
  • The way of presenting information to the target audience (taking into account characteristics of the audience, our specialists select an individual style that allows the most beneficial presentation of information).

Each of the constituent elements is thoroughly elaborated, it carries a deep meaning built-in by our designers. Turning to us for the production of a brand book, each client has access to additional services, specifically:

  • Development of design of a corporate logo or trademark.
  • Development of a slogan.
  • Selection of colors for your brand, as well as selection of fonts that match the overall style.
  • Selection of photos and other graphic images that will be included in the brand book and can be used, for example, in an advertising campaign.

We guarantee an individual approach, 100% consideration of your wishes and production of products by highly qualified specialists.


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