E-mail mail-out / marketing

We offer you to take advantage of this unique service as this type of advertising costs relatively cheaper and offers good conversion.  Our database is big and includes more than 20 thousand e-mail addresses of citizens of Tajikistan and of companies and enterprises operating in the territory of Dushanbe and other regions and settlements of our country.

E-mail marketing is profitable as the process of advertising is quickly done: during a short period of time it is possible to inform thousands of people of your production.

E-mail mail-out may be done both in text format and media content including audio files, photos, images, and videos. But you have to remember that the size of such files shouldn’t exceed 2-5 megabytes.  Otherwise mail-out is likely to be fatal or will result in less conversion.

Tariffs for a single e-mail mail-out:

Amount of addresses 1000 addresses 5 000 addresses 10 000 addresses 20 000 addresses
Price 300 somoni 500 somoni 700 somoni 1200 somoni
Term of execution 1 day 1-2 days 1-3 days Up to 3 days.

The sum of e-mail mail-out doesn’t include preparation of material in the form of texts or media content. We recommend creating HTML (text content) where e-mails are sent without attachments in which it is possible to place beautiful images, contact address, map, particulars, url-links, logo, signature, etc.

We are the only company that provides e-mail mail-out officially in Tajikistan as we value our reputation. On this premise we strive to improve the quality of our services in this direction and in general in all sorts of ways.

Thus, people who get mail-out will react to your brand with admiration as such type of advertising in Tajikistan is practiced rarely because of massive accessibility or first implementation.


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