Business planning

Those seeking to start their own business activity are in need of preliminary forecast for the results relating to the costs and yields within current market prices and laws. Hence we develop a business plan on the basis of your ideas and requirements to preliminary forecast the profitability of business of one kind or another.

Set-up of a new enterprise or any other type of activity is considered to be a pretty serious mistake if there is no any business plan, for the economy is built upon evidence-based planning. In cases of commercial activity it is called a business plan that reflects high quotient of profitability (RIO) and the lowest quotient of loss risks.

Creation of a business plan is a pretty knowledge-based work and the term of its drafting may depend on peculiarities of each particular field. To draft more reliable business plans we involve experts in various economic sectors including economists, lawyers, certified accountants, engineers and others.

At a wish of a client business plans drafted by us may be provided in three languages – Tajik, Russian or English in text format and may include data in tabular or graphical form.

If you have no ideas but you are willing to set up your own business we can prepare the most highly lucrative business plan on the basis of marketing researches and analysis where we will describe the essence, cycle, scope of work, necessary financial and material resources, time frame for implementation, productivity, risks, allocation of responsibilities and other factors regarding the process of business planning.

The prices for business plans drafting are divided into 3 categories:

  1. From 1000 to 5000 somoni – for small businesses.
  2. From 10 000 to 100 000 somoni – for medium businesses (firms, companies).
  3. More than 100 000 somoni – for companies and corporate enterprises that are interested it massive investment.



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