Analysis of marketing/advertising activity of an enterprise

Staff members of your company work hard, follow the plan and strategies but sales are flat? The company’s management team reflects on the reasons of such undesirable phenomena? Seems like marketing department works qualitatively but the results of the expansion of sales geography or the development of product lines are slightly visible?

On this premise we can analyze the activity of one or another company and marketing department performance to identify the reasons for company’s lagging behind the modern marketing/advertising trends or situations where marketing budget is spent inappropriately.

In order to perform the analysis of marketing activity of a company we need at least 10 days and close cooperation with certain employees of the company. We will study instruments and technologies that company uses to implement marketing activity including studying of the market of goods and services, development of product lines, instructions and operating procedures and setting up of the most efficient marketing events.

The report is provided in the form of text explanations and graphical charts and may be presented in three languages: Tajik, Russian and English.

Therein will be described vulnerabilities of company’s marketing activity and, as far as possible, the reasons of appearance of such lapses and recommendations for their elimination. On this analysis studying it will be easier for company’s management team to adopt necessary measures regarding the optimization of management activity and in particular regarding marketing/advertising policy.

The price for the analysis of marketing/advertising activity of performance of an enterprise is from 5 to 20 thousand somoni depending on the scope of work.



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