Creation of computer programs running on operating systems.

Creation, writing of programs is a pretty hard work for a serious business. Usually particular programs are needed to reduce production loads and they are one of the ways to cut financial costs.

We are willing to create both simple and complex programs for you that run on operating systems Windows.

The price for creation of a program starts from 10 000 somoni and depends on requirements list. Coders of different areas who are skilled at working with such platforms as C++, PHP, Java, Delphi, Java Script, Python and others work in our team.

Our coders have a long-term experience in working at various companies of Tajikistan, Russia and European countries.

We are able to create programs equivalent to such programs as:

  1. MS Excel;
  2. Adobe Photoshop;
  3. Skype;
  4. WIN RAR;
  5. Screensavers and so on.

Describe your requirements to a future program and after reviewing the requirements list we will specify the exact term of execution and the price.

Where it is possible to order programs creation in Dushanbe/Tajikistan?


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