Analysis of goods/service need on the market

Analysis of goods/service need on the market is a kind of activity that is applied to determine the quotient of goods or services demand on the market (in society). It may be applied towards both existing goods and services and planned products that are to be put into production.

We help manufacturers in decision-making before they launch business-processes that are linked with the production establishment and sales of the specified type of goods or services. The expected results may be quite different from expected yield and costs of a company if the analysis that describes the demand of goods and services both quantitatively and qualitatively is not made.

In order to undertake analysis of this type we conduct surveys and other activities (including the provision of the service Mystery Shopper) and collect statistic data that is recorded in special institutions and is presented both on a fee basis and free of charge. Then we draw up an analytical report in the form of text, tables and graphs in order for the result to be perceived more qualitatively by clients.

The analysis of such type is mostly recommended for companies and entrepreneurs that are intending to produce and sell their own product on the market. This procedure will assure you that the taken decisions formed on the basis of the analysis made by us are comprehensively studied, weighed and thought through.

Hence we accept applications from our clients where core requirements regarding the object of analysis are described in the details. First and foremost we try to study nuances of goods and services thoroughly and then we make up written surveys and a corresponding strategy that includes the geography of analyzing, market segmentation, a period of the study/survey, the category of people (by age, gender, type of activity) and other aspects.

As this type of analysis requires plenty of time to collect information and to process it we can involve a number of specialists to perform the analysis promptly and correctly.

The price for determination of specified goods/services demand on the market by means of this analysis starts from 10 000 somoni and depends on criteria and requirements of a client.



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