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World’s experts in the sphere of advertising have found out that the most attractive promotional content is a video spot as in a visual format with content dubbing a person perceives information better rather than content in text, audio or photo format. Monitoring and analysis of video spots showed that in 95% of cases video spots are watched till the end and in case of successful shooting and production of such video spots after first watching the desire to watch them again will appear.

In keeping with global practices we recommend you to take advantage of our company’s services for production of video spots that you will be able to run on the Internet on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte as well as on TV, where people from various markets are concentrated.

Video spots produced by our company meet all the modern standards and we may invite celebrities of Tajikistan to be the main characters. Video spots may be produced in 3 languages: Tajik, Russian and English in the shortest possible time. Our team will make every effort for your video spots to be of the best quality with special video and audio effects.

Production of video spots is a hard work that requires preliminary preparation of a scenario, and then involvement of labour and financial resources. Our video studio in Dushanbe have relationships with foreign experts in this sphere who may help to prepare unique video spots for you.

The price for video and audio spots depends on various factors: urgency, complexity, duration (seconds), the person involved, special effects and so on.

Minimum prices for our video spots are:

1000 somoni – simple video spots.

More than 2000 somoni  – complex video spots.

The price for audio spots is from 250 to 1500 somoni.


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