Competitive analytics on the market for goods and services

Competitive analysis is a systemic monitoring of the market directed at the identification of real demand and of the need on the part of the potential targeted audience for specific goods and services. By means of this procedure market dynamics, the level of competition and work prospects in each segment of activity are identified. The competitive analysis allows the manufacturers of goods or services to receive detailed information about their own market sector and to identify demand perspectives for their assortment and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The results of the analysis allow the company to optimize the business process of making significant management decisions in order to improve the efficiency of its economy.

Market monitoring and the understanding of competition dynamics is the key information which identification should be provided by marketing policy of a company. Market players may meet with losses, show negative growth or go broke if they don’t understand their possibilities, facilities and current adverse factors. Complex competitive analysis including SWOT is reclaimed by both major proven companies and emerging representatives of business and entrepreneurs. To enhance the efficiency of competitive analysis it is necessary to provide in written form detailed information about the aims, challenges, needs and results you want or expect to get.

On the basis of the data received we will work out a plan for the implementation of a high-quality competitive analysis and choose the best option for presentation of the results, for example presentation in text format, in tabular or graphical form reflecting charts and analytics represented in three languages (Tajik, Russian and English).

In order to get objective information we cooperate with a wide range of reliable and proven sources among which there are formal and informal representatives of business, companies, mass media and public bodies. In addition we use effective surveys and questionnaire to get the full picture in the specified segment of activity. The price for competitive analysis varies depending on the scope and complexity of work. The minimum price starts from 10 000 somoni, optimal terms are 20-30 workdays.



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