Out-of-home advertising in Dushanbe / Tajikistan

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) on the streets of cities of the Republic of Tajikistan including its capital Dushanbe is a pretty relevant type of marketing activities. The services for external advertising include production and installation of banners, billboards and megaboards, supersites, trivisions, city lights, lightboxes, wall advertisements, constructions POS (point of sale), media facades (customized),  TPD displays, directional signs, side-mounted box signs and many more.

Being a marketing company we can organize production and installation of outdoor ads in Dushanbe and other cities and regions of Tajikistan.

It is worth noting that each type of outdoor advertising has its own purpose and effect. For example, directional signs make the search of addresses easier, billposters give a broader concept of a product, city lights attach greatness to a brand, and media facades empress by their uniqueness. The price for outdoor advertising depends on the type/format and period and place of advertisement running.

As is known, outdoor advertising is considered to be an integral part of building structures of cities and regions of a country. On this premise, dedicated governmental bodies that are involved in licensing, control and collection of revenues from outdoor advertising, deal with issues relating to regulation of outdoor advertising in the cities of Tajikistan.

In Dushanbe at least 10 firms deal with production of Out-of-home advertising constructions and each one of them specializes in one or another type of outdoor (OOH) advertising. For instance, some of them are experts in production and installation of banners, and others are experts in production of city lights only.

Taking into account multi-vector nature of this field, as a marketing company we offer you complex activities regarding the issues of outdoor advertising addressing such as creation and preparation of documentation (licensing), installation, monitoring, reconstruction, uninstallation of outdoor advertising constructions. We have a long-term experience; we’ve connected with companies that work in this field each of which has its own peculiar formats of outdoor advertising.

It is worth mentioning that the leaders of outdoor advertisements production in Dushanbe are considered such companies as Khamatarafa, Profiprint (Profiprint.tj), Farrukh company, advertising agency Rangin, Citi Face, Art Gan and others.

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