Printing of photos and other images on carpets, textiles, plastic bags; production of information plates and other souvenir items

There are a variety of methods that can be used to personalize a gift or to take your advertising campaign a step forward. Printing of photos and any other images on textile products, carpets, various souvenir items offered by our agency is a demanded service in Tajikistan. Such printing is also suitable for applying company logos or promotional offers on information plates, plastic bags, etc. This is a strong and successful marketing ploy that can promote almost any brand.

You get the chance to personalize the gift as much as possible, make it memorable and original if you decorate T-shirts, caps, piggy banks, lampshades and other souvenir products with photos. Decorating of carpets with images is a great solution for those who are looking for something stylish and outstanding. Such a solution helps, for example, to create a fabulous environment in a children’s room by applying an image from his or her favorite cartoon or fairy tale.

We offer sublimation heat transfer printing in Dushanbe on various materials. Among the advantages of this method are

  •       High quality images.
  •       Persistence of an image even when frequently exposed to detergents and water.
  •       Environmental friendliness. The materials do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere that can be harmful to human health or the environment.
  •       Saturation and brightness of the image: the products are sure to draw attention.
  •       Opportunity to manufacture any edition of products.
  •       Short production time.

The prices for printing on souvenir, textile products and other items are calculated individually in each case. Our designers are able to both develop a template and work with the materials provided by the client. We take into account all wishes, which allows us to create unique and memorable products at the most advantageous price.


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