Creation and modification of scripts and bots

The IT department of our advertising agency in Dushanbe offers various services, including the creation and modification of scripts and bots. This is an excellent solution for those who seek to create optimal conditions for both employees and potential clients of the company. The products developed by our specialists are a kind of virtual assistant that is able to cope with various tasks and simulate live communication. For this purpose, audio or text messages are used. A bot or a script can be introduced into any platform chosen by the client, from popular messengers to mobile applications.

Availability of your own chatbot or a script to automate various processes is an investment in your competitive advantage. Availability of your own chatbot on company’s website or a script on employees’ work computers has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Savings in technical support and customer support service. By registering answers to frequently asked questions in the bot, you automatically reduce the load on call centers.
  • Creation of scripts allows you to automate certain internal corporate processes, for example, developing reports, testing employees, checking documents, generating CRM notes and other routine processes that require fairly serious time expenditures, but are performed following a standard algorithm.
  • Chatbots and scripts can be integrated into various popular operating systems used in data processing.
  • Bots can be delegated some of the standard tasks of an ordinary marketing specialist or sales manager, for example, sending out promotional offers, news about ongoing promotions, surveys, etc.

Once invested funds will significantly improve your competitiveness, and if necessary, our specialists can always modify and improve already created script or bot.


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