TV advertising (broadcasting)

TV advertising is a classic type of advertising that has its own audience in Tajikistan. In contrast to European countries, in our country the majority of population (no fewer than 5 million people according to the statistics) spends a lot of time watching TV.

In Tajikistan it is women who basically like watching TV, for pursuant to our mentality women are housewives who tell their relatives about the news heard on TV in the evenings when everybody gather at dastarhan. This way they provoke inside themselves the desire to buy this or that goods. Time is the essence as well – it is preferably to run promo videos via TV in the evenings for this is the time when a large number of people gather in front of the TV.

Totally there are seven functioning broadcasting stations in the country. There are also some local TV broadcasters that broadcast in their own location. Each of them has its own advertising policy.

Since we have in-depth knowledge in promotional activity and we cooperate with TV broadcasters of Tajikistan, we can offer you to run your ads using the services of our company! We create unique scenarios, video spots with 3D effects and dubbing performed by celebrities and then we run them on TV channels you think appropriate.

The period of creation of promo videos is from 1 to 2 weeks. The price is from 1000 somoni to several thousand depending on complexity of a scenario and a participant who will be shot as a character. The duration of advertising spots is from 10 seconds to 1 minute, but in exceptional cases it may be greater. Neglect of this type of advertising may be a missed opportunity for a company and to identify whether TV advertising is required marketing analysis will be needed rather than personal assumptions.

Average price for promo videos broadcasting in TV stations is 50-100 USD per minute. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the best ways to address the issues regarding this type of advertising that we provide to our clients!

List of television broadcasters of Tajikistan:

  1. TV Shabakai 1,
  2. TV Bakhoriston,
  3. TV Safina,
  4. TV Jahonnamo,
  5. TV Varzish,
  6. TV Sinamo,
  7. TV Shahnavaz,
  8. TV Dushanbe HD.


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