Complex analysis of business and of marketing policy of each individual enterprise is the key business process that ensures financial growth and excludes risks. Our company is willing to offer such services and ensure an integrated, individual and system approach taking into account the peculiarities of a business.

Up to date we have won the trust of leading brands and market leaders of Tajikistan. We value professionals. Multi-discipline specialists with a long-term experience in all segments of activities are at your service: they are analysts, statisticians, marketing specialists, SMM-specialists, software engineers, designers, financial experts, accountants, lawyers, speakers, linguists, translators/interpreters.

Our company is willing to offer you a wide range of professional services in the spheres of business analysis, digital marketing, promotion of a company on the Internet, organization of surveys and of exhibitions and creation of promo videos, TV and radio advertisements and production printed matters. We also offer services for development, creation and promotion of websites for mobile devices and PCs.

Complex challenges require an an integrated manner, therefore, in some cases, we work with industry suppliers to achieve the objectives.

We are trusted by the: Сharm LLC, Restaurant "Pomir labyrint", Medical center "Davoi Shafran", Accelerate Prosperity, International Bank of Tajikistan, International Clinic Ibn Sina, the Shumon Hotel, furniture salon Akram, insurance company Asri 21, health center Saturn, health center Shambari, Air Service Agencies, Medical сenter «Nurafzo», Softline LLC, Metallurgical Plant «Okhangudozi» and many more companies, individual entrepreneurs and private individuals.

We can guarantee a high-quality fulfillment of any, even the most complicated, task at affordable prices and within an optimum time frame.



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